Workers compensation defense

At The Wagner Law Firm, we help self-insured employers, workers’ comp insurance companies and third-party administrators ensure their rights are fairly represented and aggressively protected. Our team is skilled in handling complex workers’ compensation claims cases, providing focused, tailored representation to help resolve claims as quickly as possible — without losing sight of our clients’ needs, goals and best interests.

Our experience means fast resolution for you

With years of experience on our side, The Wagner Law Firm is recognized as a tireless and fearless advocate for insurance companies and self-insured businesses throughout the state of Georgia.

Our team of attorneys understands the unique challenges and pressures facing our clients— and we also know how important it is to resolve claims quickly on our client’s terms.

By focusing on these challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities they represent, our team can help your business move toward a speedy resolution that’s focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

Custom representation is our specialty

As a leading insurance defense law firm throughout the state of Georgia, we know there’s no such thing as a “typical” workers’ compensation claim.

That means we never rely on cookie-cutter defense strategies or one-size-fits-all resolution tactics. We treat every case individually, on its own merits, to ensure speedy outcomes that are beneficial to our clients.

Beginning with your initial consultation, our team will work with you to gain a deep and thorough understanding of the outstanding claim, as well as your needs, goals, and expectations. Then we craft a tailored defense strategy that’s focused on achieving optimal results for you. The firm operates in true partnership with our clients and ensure that each client is involved every step of the way.

What Our Clients Say